Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Abortion: An American Horror Story

Several spoilers follow for both seasons of "American Horror Story":

In the original "American Horror Story" the featured haunted house that is lousy with demented ghosts is haunted as well by the original owners of the house.  A sort of Victor Frankenstein-like doctor is goaded by his wife to perform quiet abortions for Hollywood starlets who find themselves in a "difficult situation."  One starlet has a husband/boyfriend that considers his baby to have been murdered and retaliates by mutilating and killing the doctor's infant son.  (An anti-abortion activist starts the cycle of violence!)

Everyone that dies in this evil house finds their spirit trapped, including the mangled infant son of the doctor.

In the series a baby dies in the home immediately after being born.  It also is trapped.  Because it has a soul.

Not a single unborn baby's soul is trapped in the home.  You get the impression the show's creators believe that the fetuses never had any souls to be trapped.

Progressive propagandists Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk present a nuanced presentation of abortion in the "reboot" tv series "American Horror Story: Asylum."  In an Akin-esque turn of events, a woman finds herself pregnant after being raped by a serial killer. She goes to have an abortion and decides against it out of compassion.  She has the baby and gives him up for adoption.  This turns out to be a mistake.  Many people die as a result of her compassion, and ultimately she has to kill her son who has followed in his bio-father's footsteps.  Kind of a 200th trimester abortion, if you buy the implicit premise of the story.

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