Reflections of a Closet Conservative (About this blog)

I realized early on in the California education system that conservative ideas are presented, if they are presented at all, like some old prehistoric artifacts kept under glass with various guesses as to why anyone would have found them useful.

All the typical leftist ideas from the 1960s are still being sold as counter-culture.  The ideas are not brave, they are mostly self-serving and in this cultural atmosphere, self-flattering.  Conservatism is the counter-culture now, not that it should matter.  But I find it especially ironic, that people, especially young people, think they are rebelling against a system by buying wholeheartedly into empowering that system, giving it more money and more license to bribe away freedom with that money.  

Education was presented practically as a skepticism about all things traditional.  But what if we applied a healthy skepticism to all the challenges to tradition that were billed as an education?  I wonder how many that  went to a state university can honestly say that their education prepared them to do that.