Monday, April 29, 2013

Thank You, Public Sector Unions

Thank goodness for public sector unions.  The police union is what allows things like this to happen:


Aw, shame on me.  I'm picking on the one fat cop in America, right?

Yes, Timmy, you should run for it.  No way he's digging the taser out from under there.
OK, two fat cops doesn't constitute enough evidence to condemn an entire union.  Let's do a Google search:

Ugh!  Well, I guess I should have seen that coming.  Raises the question- if they're not required to be even remotely physically fit, what else aren't they required to be?  Sober? Sane? Sighted? Present?  I can tell you one thing, if this guy showed up at the recruiters

then the LGBT community would require any department in the country to hire him immediately.  And so they would.

This is the world the liberals have created for us.  One in which they want us to turn in our guns and be defended solely by the protectors shown above.  And then they wonder why we "bitterly cling" to our guns. No wonder they scoff at the NRA's proposal for armed guards at every school; they're envisioning the "diversity hire" in the bikini.  Put that way, it is a laughable plan.

Funny how this is the reality liberals have carefully crafted for us while what they show in their "Progressive Hollywood" movies is:

But wait, there's more irony!  Their templates for chiseled squared-away lawmen, Bruce Willis and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, are among the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood.


  1. It seems to me that the public sector is the worst place for collective bargaining. Are the nation's soldiers allowed to go on strike? Why would public sector employees, particularly the ones that large populations depend on daily--police, teachers, firefighters--be allowed to essentially extort money out of the public that pays their salaries?