Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Killers Tamerlane and Joker Apprehended

I was guessing that this could've been a pair of sickos that just liked the carnage.  While I may have been partly right, it turns out to be very religiously and politically charged.  Don't worry though, this still won't be enough for progressives to talk more about how radical Islamists (which are not all Muslims) DO NOT WANT PEACE than how fundamentalist Christianity makes people want to blow up abortion clinics (it certainly couldn't have anything to do with little humans being mangled and tortured-it takes a real crazy to could be upset by that).  No, if anything progressives will tighten their belts and remind us that Islam is a religion of peace including the kind of Islam that believes that Israel has no right to exist (i.e. most Palestinians).

The two Chechen brothers Tamerlan (presumably named after the 14th century khan who outdid Stalin and Hitler in mass murdering--he mainly killed infidels) and Dzhokhar (no, CNN does not want you to pronounce this how you would think it should be pronounced--they're wrong) Tsarnaev were apprehended--one dead, one alive--as you most probably have heard by now.  At some point, the Joker will be possibly moved into Obama's legal regime of indefinite detainment where he will not be waterboarded on the record.  All records of alleged waterboardings may be requested and after a few years of waiting you will get a bunch of papers with all useful information redacted.  I repeat, no waterboardings will be conducted officially, and you can hand your hat on this because redaction is the best disenfectant in this administration.

I may not have been that far off though.  The Tsarnaevs did brag to their carjacking victim that they produced the carnage, so they weren't far removed from the mindset of wanting to make a splash, become especially infamous, the way that Klebold and Harris hoped their homemade bomb would far outdo the Bath School Disaster of 1927.  Yeah, a couple of real badasses.  You know who we are, buddy?  We're the ones who killed that boy and two women by setting a bomb and then running away.  Yeah, we're badasses.  We showed your paper tiger government.  We also set a box of puppies on fire in the woods.  Your government will be too late to save them!

Hey, I could've been as far off the money as Chris Matthews.  Boy, these guys never tire of being wrong.  Matthews suggested that it was a rightwing protest against Tax Day.  I wonder if he googled at some point to see if there was a Tamerlan or Dzhokhar was in the local Tea Party roster.  Never hurts to hope.

I'm still not holding out for this being part of a larger network.  The Fort Hood attack didn't appear to be part of a larger coordinated attack, but a single Muslim radical conducting his own private jihad.

I wonder if the activist liberal teachers in Texas will try to convince the Texan parents' children that Tamerlane and the Joker were freedom-fighters?  What is really the difference after all between an insurgent who causes collateral damage and a jihadi that targets a busload of children--or for that matter, a Serbian fighter organizing gangrapes of Bosnian women. Tomato, to-mah-to. (Some might ask whether the children killed in drone attacks under Pres. Obama--far more than the number of children lost in Newtown--are necessary and acceptable losses for freedom; will it ever be asked on CNN?)  Maybe these two brave Chechen freedomfighters can be studied in school during Islamic History Month.

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