Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blaming Boston on the Bill of Rights

In other news Jay Mohr has blamed the 2nd Amendment for the Boston Marathon incident. Without that Amendment, the culture would be less apt to be violent and anti-American revolutionaries and lunatics would be less apt to make explosives.

It is now known that, like the Columbine killers, Adam Lanza was interested for years in having a high body count.  In the end, he did outdo the Columbine rampage.  The Columbine duo resorted to handheld weapons after their homemade bombs failed to detonate.  Perhaps this is why Lanza avoided making a bomb and opted for shooting as a first resort.  Like the Columbine kids, Lanza had a backup plan.  Pistols.  Yes, if the rifle had jammed or run out of ammo, he was ready to start firing with a much more common gun for both murder and self-defense (but especially murder).

The Boston bomber also opted for a bomb as first resort.  Fortunately, the terrorist was not very good at what he did, assuming that terrorists try to maximize destruction of either persons or property.  Then again, a terrorist generally tries to maximize public terror for intimidation.  Floyd Corkins (no, I didn't make up that name) was in a certain sense a homegrown leftist terrorist.  He wanted to intimidate, not the public at large necessarily, but social conservatives everywhere.  In the wake of the hatemongering of Southern Poverty Law Center, he wanted to really stick it to the "Hate Crowd", but in particular he wanted to see the people he hated humiliate themselves and beg for mercy one by one as he rampaged through the gun-free municipality of Washington D.C.  (Corkins had illegally walked the guns into D.C.  Why, oh why, won't killers just obey the law?)

This Boston attack to me most resembles a serial killer.  Not that it couldn't be someone with a political agenda. It could.  But a motivated person could have planned a higher body count.  Something big.  I think more likely we have some sicko (or a pair of sickos) that gets excited over the carnage.  He loves to see the mangled bodies in the news.  Then again, maybe he's an amateur terrorist like Chris Dorner.  Dorner declared war on the LAPD and managed to kill a policeman's daughter and her fiance.  Rather than take out who he saw as the guilty parties, he decided instead to terrorize policemen by putting them in fear of their families being targeted.  Not exactly a serial killer... More like a vengeance killer, but crazy and cowardly all the same.

Apparently, in Jay Mohr's mind, the climate of hate that drives people like Floyd Corkins and Chris Dorner is fueled by the 2nd Amendment.  Our 2nd Amendment liberty to be armed against tyranny supposedly leads to a culture of violence.  No, it's not the ultraviolent video games, not the ultraviolent entertainment, not the ultraviolent music.  No, it's our liberty that's the problem.  Spoken like a true liberal, Jay.  That's just the kind of thinking that Chris Dorner praised and expounded in his manifesto before his killing spree.

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