Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liberal Rampage Killer Chris Dorner

Now, it may well be true that rampage killer Dorner was ousted for ratting on his fellow officers wrongdoing. It could have been a cover-up of police brutality or unnecessary roughness.  But who is the first targets of this aggrievement?  Lots of cops' names on Dorner's list but he kills his nemesis' daughter instead, along with her fiancĂ©.  (Long live the People's Revolution)  All this tactical training he brags he's going to use on cops, and he uses the element of surprise on the most defenseless targets he could find.  Perhaps he got tired of waiting for an officer to wander into a gun-free zone.

Liberal rampage killer Chris Dorner
Rampage killer Chris Dorner praises several liberal talk show hosts in his "manifesto" and advocates gun control in the same.  He also explains that he is taking up arms against what he believes is a racist and corrupt system.

I seem to recall a major news outlet jumping to link the Tea Party to a shooting.  I seem to recall liberals immediately blaming the Giffords shooting on conservative hate speech.  
Hannity said right away that if Dorner had read any books by conservatives like himself or Ann Coulter, “this would be big news” and people would claim Dorner was inspired by conservative pundits. Bozell made it clear that the liberal media figures name-checked by Dorner are not in any way responsible for the horrific things he did, but said the same should have applied to deranged individuals the media tried to link to right-wing causes and pundits. *
Too true. Too true.

This all reminds me of the old Mother Goose rhyme:
Little Chris Dorner
Sat in his liberal corner
Thinking of ways for cops to die.
He found the captain's daughter
And promptly shot her
And said "Oh, what a good boy am I!"  
It appears that Dorner's preoccupation with injustice created its own "climate of hate." Who knows what other innocents he will take out in order to call attention to the injustices he's suffered.  As with Luke ("Life has wronged me") Woodham, life has wronged Dorner, and if some innocents have to die for it, so be it.  Hopefully, when he strikes again, someone like Principal Myrick will be there to stop him.

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