Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Floyd Corkins, Chris Dorner, and the Liberal Climate of Hate

Gay activist Shane Windemeyer has recently "come out" as a friend of Dan Cathy, the reviled president and COO of Chik-fil-A.  Windemeyer is obviously greatly surprised to find that Dan Cathy was not a hate-filled gay-bashing bigot, and who wouldn't be surprised with the sort of press the Left has given this issue, and given Chik-fil-A in particular?  Could Windemeyer's prejudicial suspicion of Dan Cathy be part of a pervasive liberal climate of hate?

Sig Sauer Semi-Automatics
Before there was Chris Dorner there was Floyd Corkins.  Corkins was inspired by the militancy, hate speech, and brownshirt tactics of the gay activism scene, so in the name of tolerance he packed his Sig Sauer semi-automatic that he had bought for the occasion and headed to Family Research Council with his pistol and backpack full of sandwiches.  Yes, sandwiches.

Like Soledad O'Brien, Corkins wanted to show these ignorant bigoted wretches just how far on the wrong side of history they were.  He loaded his backpack with Chik-fil-A sandwiches to smear against his victims in a final act of statement-making humiliation before shooting them.

Since a guard stopped him (after being wounded by Corkins), no one died.  Consider whether this gun was just to wave in the faces of terrified conservative bigots:
. . . Corkins purchased a semiautomatic pistol, had it modified to be “more effective” and received training at a shooting range, court documents show. *
Floyd Corkins, liberal freedomfighter
The evidence is so strong against him that he has pled to two counts that ackowledge his intent to kill.

This incident has been used by gun control advocates to make a case against guns.  D.C. is already under heavy gun control, so one of the charges against Corkins is transporting the gun into D.C.  FRC's HQ was almost the perfect target as D.C. is practically a big gun-free zone (aside from some politicians' security guards), with a murder rate that rivals gun-free England. Notice FRC's security guard wrestled the liberal terrorist Corkins instead of shooting him, and was wounded for his trouble.

Like liberal terrorist Dorner, Corkins looked to take out his rage and resentment on those that would be defenseless.  Dorner talked a big game about taking on a corrupt police force, but instead he murdered the innocent daughter and fiance of the Captain that had defended him at his hearing.  To Corkins murdering members of a "hate group" is not a hate crime but a blow for freedom, even if the victims are cowering unarmed.  And so it was planned for these "hate criminals" to die unarmed and cowering.

But hey, many liberals can't see the difference between a terrorist and a freedomfighter.  Tomato, tomahto.

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