Monday, February 11, 2013

Chris Christie Fetid in Hollywood

Read this article: Chris Christie Feted in Hollywood.

The photo op of 2012.
Look how elated Obama is as
 he's smiling for the camera.
If the Hollywood crowd is singing your praises, politically speaking, you're probably doing something wrong.

I was impressed a while back at Chris Christie's no-nonsense but personable persona and his ability to state conservative themes in down-to-earth language.

In the wake of delighting liberals everywhere by giving CNN their much desired visual of Obama playing Savior with a splash conservative approval (look! he's bipartisan after all! forget the past four years!), Christie is pandering to them by saying that we need to consider letting the federal government decide how well armed its subjects should be.

Mr. Christie, do you even know why the 2nd Amendment was written?   Ban the guns in New Jersey if your people want it, but stop trying to nationalize the issue.

Something is fetid in Hollywood, all right.  It's Chris Christie.

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