Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pedophile Elephant in the Gay Troop Leader's Closet

Why would a gay man be attracted to boys, Soledad O'Brien?

A woman who is obviously on the right
 side of history, the side of tolerance.
Soledad O'Brien wants desperately to know if Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is "worried" that he's "on the wrong side of history."  Well, you know that goes.  If he's worried then it shows he's really not sure he's doing a good thing; and you should be sure you doing  good thing if you're going to discriminate against people.

You know what, Soledad?  I think first you should consider how many males are excluded from being troop leaders for the girl scouts, simply because they are male.  This heterosexism must stop.  I think we should address that first.  This is a much more fundamental and far-reaching discriminatory practice.

Now, don't tell me just because these men are heterosexual that they pose any threat to these innocent young girls.  You're not saying that, are you?  Good.  Then there's no reason to worry that any hanky-panky is going on.

Maybe instead of trying to embarrass Perkins in the way that Maddow tried to embarrass Rand Paul,  O'Brien should engage Michael L. Brown publicly about what he means by the "pedophile elephant in the gay activist closet."  She and the television audience could learn about how various icons celebrated for LGBT pride month (e.g Allen Ginsberg, Walt Whitman, Harvey Milk, Larry Kramer, Oscar Wilde, etc.) engaged in relationships with underage boys and/or were supporters of NAMBLA.  And it's a good thing to hear all sides of an issues, isn't it, Soledad O'Brien?  I mean, surely that's the only reason you had Mr. Perkins on your show--to get his side out there while making sure that he wasn't worried he was on the wrong side of history, right?

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