Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two Ways to Cook Rice

Here are two similar commentaries about a couple of Rice's.   Both are in positions of being spokespeople for Presidents under controversial circumstances. 

Does one of these mindless parrots look particularly ethnic in some way?  A caricaturish way? 

No.  Just my imagination.  Is it my imagination that people that criticize Stacey Dash, Clarence Thomas, and several other black people as "Uncle Toms" and worse somehow don't get excoriated over it?


Someone else has noticed the "Rice discrepancy" as well.  But I suppose it simply requires a memory of political events, and not particularly long-term at that.

Perhaps one of the unspoken justifications for this is that Condoleeza's commander-in-chief was white.  Maybe?  Check out this frame for "Condi Rice": 

And the famous one that cartoonist Danziger claims wasn't racist because it was inspired by Gone With the Wind.  Which explains why Condoleeza is portrayed as a black mammie.  What about the WMD Iraq controversy was particularly evocative of this aspect of Gone With the Wind?  Anyone know? 
Danziger sho nuff don't know nuthin' 'bout stereotypes.  Maybe Danziger just knew instictively that the media and the NAACP wouldn't give him a hard time about this.  Hmm?

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