Tuesday, July 29, 2014

'Crap Prophet', Andres Serrano Does Islam

It has been my theory that who the Left demonizes has a lot to do with who they fear and don't fear.  The network allows South Park to depict Jesus as weak and foolish, but does not allow them to depict Mohammed visually at all.  Obama speaks against those who "blaspheme the Prophet" but doesn't condemn anyone that treats Jesus sacrilegiously.  Leftist Europe "courageously" condemns Israel and says nothing about the human rights violations of the Palestinians, nor says anything in any way to upset Muslim Arabs (now about 1/6th of France's population).

If the mass mutilation of unborn infants results in a religious American going nuts, it demonstrates (to the Left) the backwardness of Christianity.  No number of lunatics killing non-Muslims in the name of Islam because they make a sacrilegious cartoon or refuse to convert to Islam ever seems to reflect negatively on Islam or any Arab country's culture.  20% of Muslims in Europe may support violent jihad, but it doesn't matter as it is the proverbial elephant in the room.

If a Christian would've gone on a rampage over the government-sponsored "art" exhibit that included Serrano's "Piss Christ" (literally a crucifix immersed in urine), that would've reflected poorly on Christianity.  (Actually any "white" person would do, the media would just assume he was Christian.)  If a Muslim would've gone on a rampage over a pastor burning the Koran, that also would've reflected poorly on Christianity somehow, since whenever a Muslim goes crazy, he was obviously driven to it by some Westerner's actions and is not really responsible for his own actions.

What I suggest is this: Earmark the tax money from Muslim Americans to finance a special religious tolerance art exhibit which will include an image of the Prophet fashioned from excrement called "Crap Prophet" which will be as good and mind-expanding for the Muslim community as "Piss Christ" was good for the Christian community.  (Maybe a few items from Mapplethorpe as well: perhaps some LGBT interpretations of Mohammed.)  It will be the perfect opportunity for Muslims 'round the world to demonstrate peace and tolerance for freedom of expression.

Insult Islam?  Absolutely not.  I'm talking about exposing their religion to the lofty heights of art.  I'm talking about art, people.  Art.  
Note: It is possible that by exercising my 1st Amendment rights in this way I will be the cause of some protest that spontaneously turns into a major 'act of terror' and the President will have to get Eric Holder on the line and tell him to find some law that I've broken (which shouldn't be difficult) in order to "bring the guilty parties to justice."  Until then, keep chanting that Islam is a religion of peace.

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