Tuesday, January 15, 2013

fifty-first state

The writing goes slow tonight...

Might I suggest some musings on "If The 51st State Were Muslim"?

And passing thoughts...  I find the pervasive use of the word "race" confusing.  Beyond a rather simplistic notion that preponderances of alleles can result in preponderances of behaviors, the notion of race to me seems not just ill-defined but not useful to anyone but racists.  It is truly arbitrary whereas sex/gender is not.

Sex/gender rather is a gift from God/Nature/Evolution (whatever your point of view), its nature's invention not ours (something biologists call dimorphism), and that goes a long way toward explaining why we retain such barbaric practices as having separate Olympic events for men and women (separate but equal!).

Also recently, a review of the movie Cloud Atlas.

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