Monday, May 14, 2012

ironic meme

A  "meme" picture is making the rounds on Facebook, one that states:
"Your relentless political Facebook posts finally turned me around to your way of thinking."
Said nobody, ever.  
What's especially interesting about this is that the "wall" that this appeared on is a wall that is often populated with "memes" making fun of pro-life stances or opposition to homosexual marriage.  It is one of the more  politically charged accounts Facebook walls.

Now, it's possible that the only reason I see these posts is that I seem nice and educated/enlightened and don't seem to be some kind of religious fundamentalist, and so these "memes" are just preaching to the choir. Generally, I try to only preach to the choir on FB because it doesn't seem like the right forum for challenging people.  There is a "like" but no "unlike" for a reason.  Besides, there are enough people that will "unfriend" me in real life over political matters without automating the process on Facebook.

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