Sunday, May 6, 2012

Modern Progressive Anti-Semiticism

"We see members of the Dutch parliament in hiding, the abrogation of freedom of expression throughout Europe, the rise of right-wing leaders who openly advocate the mass deportation of non-white Europeans, one barely-thwarted terrorist attack after another-and yet, according to the polls, the majority of Europeans consider the United States to be their biggest worry. They're monomaniacally obsessed with the danger posed to them by Americans and the perfidious cabal of Jews who yank our puppet strings."
    --Claire Berlinski

One of several "progressive" paradoxes is the infatuation of the Left with the Palestinian cause along with the predominance of Leftist thinking among Jewish Americans.  The past year though, I've been forming a (partial) theory about that. Until now, I've thought that the Left was partial to whatever cause resembles Christianity least--and I do still think that is a factor.  But here is another piece of the puzzle: Progressive thought is largely guided by the left-dominated academics, who are enamored with Europe.  Europe is soooo cultured compared to us, our academics have a sycophantic fascism, er, I mean , fascination with Europe, that they don't notice when they've swallowed whole some opinion that derives from the still rampant anti-Semiticism in Europe.  (Sure, John Galliano loves Hitler; but would Hitler have loved John Galliano?)  Europe, which drove out the future citizens of Israel, now consistently sides against Israel.  And Europeans read their cultured newspapers while sipping European coffee in their  outdoor bistros, and look worldly wise doing so.  So they must know what they're talking about.  Europe's silly with anti-Semitism, and our academic power structure, having long ago written off American exceptionalism, longs to be equal with European academia.

I don't know enough about history to comment on the popularity of Leftist politics among Jewish Americans. It seems that the minority of Jewish conservatives in America are much more aware that Israel's biggest supporters are found among America's fundamentalists and evangelicals. This would be more common knowledge if CNN wasn't so busy giving air time to Westboro. I read some liberal article that was nothing that Bush was unpopular with American Jews except with regard to Israel, and Obama was popular... except when it came to Israel. Big surprise.  I recently read one of Sholom Aleichem's Tevye stories (think "Fiddler on the Roof") and was struck by the generation gap between the capitalist Tevye and the young Marxist Feferel and his radical friends, who dream of replacing the Czar with Communism, apparently believing that things would be better when the pogroms ended and Utopia began.  Stalin killed at least as many Jewish people as Hitler, but he had the decency to hate all theists equally and regard all people in all numbers equally expendable for the grand utopian vision; anticipating the current progressive thinking that no system is too bureaucratic, too insolvent, or too ineffective to be imposed in the name of "fairness."

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