Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Redistribute all the wealth and all the debt!

Let's redistribute the wealth in America so that all the money (in the most generous definition) so that we each start out with $37,321.  Wow, that's nothing to wink at.

But now, everyone is on an equal footing and has an equal obligation to pay the piper.  The National Debt is quickly approaching $16 trillion and someone has to pay the piper.

The same 209,089,260 people over 19 years of age now have the same obligation at $76,000 per person!   You'll have to pay this off in an economy that is shaped by this new distribution.  You'll have $37,321 with which to incorporate with other people (filthy capitalist!) or buy your own acre of farmland (with what machines/tools?) or buy lotteries tickets.

Ready to start reading up on the Laffer Curve, Thomas Sowell's Hover Proof, and JFK's supply-side economics?  No?

Well maybe somehow the problem will just go away if you bury your head in the sand long enough.  That strategy has been working this long, right?

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