Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Terrorism and the Southern Poverty Law Center

It is problematic on the face of it to try to make Timothy McVeigh the face of heartland Christianity.

Digging deeper, I'm skeptical that McVeigh was not set up to take the fall for a staged terrorism event to make America think that it's biggest threats were not overseas.  The Waco incident in which the government incinerated women and children in order to confiscate guns caused an upsurge of militia movements in the heartland and general skepticism in the public mind that the administration knew what it was doing.

There are indications that McVeigh believed himself to be, up to the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, in the employ of the U.S. government to infiltrate militia groups.  A week or two after the incident that huge manhunt for McVeigh's witnessed accomplices abruptly ended and was instantly forgotten by the press.  The following year, first responder policeman Terrance Yeakey claimed to be harrassed over his investigation into things that didn't fit with his memory of events the day of the bombing and "committed suicide" in a very curious manner.

On a similar note, McVeigh told Kenneth Trentadue's brother the real reason he "hanged himself" in his jail cell (presumably after torturing and unmercifully beating himself).  Trentadue's unexpected phone call from McVeigh was just one piece of many independent pieces leading him back to the FBI, the ATF, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Upon being leaked a redacted copy of the Freeh teletype, Trentadue filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the full document and any other information held by the Oklahoma City FBI field office pertaining to the SPLC, specifically, “all documents about any connection between the Southern Poverty Law Center and eight named individuals from the OKBOMB and BOMBROB investigations or a white supremacist compound in Elohim City, Okla.” (3) 
When the FBI declared no such Freeh teletype existed, Trentadue produce his copy and an enraged US district court Judge Dale Kimball ordered the FBI to produce all responsive documentation. Though the FBI later admitted in response to Kimball’s order that some 340 documents had been discovered, the Bureau has been fighting the judge’s ruling they be turned over ever since the 2005 filing. [here]
In the documentary film A Noble Lie, Trentadue emphasizes that his trail kept pulling him back to the SPLC, which trail seems to keep popping up, even linking to the CIA.  What's especially curious about this is that the SPLC was in the middle of a much more recent case of domestic terrorism: their "hate map" showing progressive activists where to find people upon which unleash their hate instigated the attack by Floyd Corkins, who planned to humiliate, torment, and murder the workers at Family Research Council in an attempt to terrorize for his political views on same-sex marriage.

Typical SPLC-type propaganda

The SPLC has had a longstanding relationship with the government since the Clinton glory days of Waco and Ruby Ridge.  The Floyd Corkins event was embarrassingly enough to force the Obama administration to keep their relationship with the SPLC less obvious.  The hate map was obviously meant to inspire subtler expressions of hate and intimidation.

But the SPLC is at the forefront of promoting the new Obama-era definition of the homegrown terrorist threat: namely that it is people who believe in the Constitution, who are critical of the government, or who fear the expansion of government power that are the likely enemies of the state.  The SPLC is devoted to showing how the "radical right" (not at all interested in the "radical left" or in eco-terrorism) and Christianity is the source of danger -- they will rid the world of hate by destroying the reputations of those hateful people who believe in limited government or cultural values not dictated by the Left by associating them with racism and Aryanism (including people who identify themselves as "former homosexuals" or "ex-gay").
Guilt by association tactics

They are and have been, predictably, on the forefront of conflating conservatism with Aryanism and (by association) fascism as well.  And the Oklahoma City bombing has been good for business. Really good. (If it hadn't been, maybe political pressure to pull the trigger on bin Laden would have swayed Bill Clinton in 1998.)

Perhaps the Oklahoma City connection shows how far they've been willing all along to convince the American people to empower the government to stop any American group that threatens its progressive march for power.  Is there any clue in the name of the SPLC to its agenda of undermining faith, conservatism, and governmental limitation?  I think the otherwise non sequitur word "poverty," emphasizing the leftists' concern over economic equality (also denoted by the "scales" symbol) and "social justice," link its Alinskyan "anti-hate"agenda to Marxism.  Marxism (i.e. collectivist materialism) is essentially the replacement of family and village with an omnipotent justice-determining State, all in the name of material equality.

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