Friday, August 1, 2014

Kristallnacht Reenacted in France on Small Scale

French lay siege to shul while Jews
wait for police intervention.
Yep, French people who are likely Arab and Muslim have rallied in Paris to demonstrate for peace.  They have apparently learned how to do this in Palestine since they think this involves wrecking Jewish-owned shops, laying siege to a synagogue, and shouting "Death to Jews."

While this pogrom was awful and scary, it simply reveal the anti-Semitism that France, and Europe, has been condoning there all along by implicitly agreeing with Palestinians about Israel and not being vocal against Hamas.

They are in fact so used to tiptoeing around  Hamas, that they may say little about the shooting of Palestinian dissenters by Hamas.  Stick to criticizing Israel and the U.S.  It's safer.

Yes, this is bad.  But the timing is really good if it can successfully draw attention to the situation that even people in the U.S. have been trying so hard to ignore.

What is keeping this situation going?  The unqualified, uncritical support for the Palestinian cause by Westerners in Europe and the U.S.  This Palestinian goal of the destruction of Israel is simply unacceptable and it simply should not be accepted.  If the Palestinians can't keep their people from attacking Israel, they should be occupied or sent to Syria.

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