Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free Gaza From Whom Exactly?

Over the past few weeks he received tens of emails from Gaza City acquaintances, even from Sajiyah, begging, literally begging, not to halt the operation prematurely – to please free them from the horror of living under Hamas.  They are begging for us to finish the job because Hamas is too horrible to countenance.  He showed me a video, smuggled out of Gaza, of Hamas police beating people to prevent them from leaving the area after an Israeli warning – I saw a pregnant woman beaten to death.  - Mordechai ben-Menachem
If you are on the political Left in America, it is almost certain that you will not believe such a thing happens since that makes it difficult to keep focusing on the civilian casualties; or you will have to believe it does not matter.  Just like it doesn't matter what happens to Palestinian Arabs in Middle Eastern nations other than Israel, or what happens to Christians in those nations for that matter.  Like Russell Brand, you can live in denial, because the media outlets you depend on aren't interested in such accounts either.  Like Nancy Pelosi, you might think that Hamas is a humanitarian organization who vow to keep killing Jews until all of the former British Mandate of Palestine is under Islamic theocracy, simply because the Qataris and Turks say so.  

Hamas’ state sponsors are Qatar and Turkey.  Qatar is the bankroll.  Turkey is the Hamas NATO representative; think about that!  Turkey has also been a major supporter of ISIS and al Nusra. (ibid.)
What Iraqis do to Kurds, what Iranians do to gays, what sharia Muslim extremists do to Christians and their own women, what the Chinese do to the various peoples of various religions under their iron rule (e.g. Tibet) - none of it is nearly so interesting as to what Israelis lengths Israelis will go to protect their citizenry from deadly attacks.  Comparatively, all other global suffering is a yawnfest.  An Islamic group has to kidnap and rape a whole school full of children just to be tweetworthy by our Executive Branch and the factions they represent.  Even what Hamas do to the already troubled Palestinian people is not very interesting.  

Most Palestinians (presumably those who haven't been forced yet to act as human shields) may not realize how Hamas is destroying them.  And even if they do realize now, it's possible that they deserve this misery, having asked for it by knowingly electing Hamas with its openly genocidal purpose.  Either way, both Israelis and Palestine need to be free of the cancer that is Hamas.  

Demonstrating for peace, Palestinian-style.

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