Thursday, July 18, 2013

Eric Holder and Nancy (Dis)Grace Crusading Against Zimmerman

Eric Holder, head of the Department of Social Justice, is apparently.  It is news to ultra-progressives everywhere that Trayvon is not Medgar Evers.  Ever since they missed the boat on civil rights, progressives and celebrities have been trying to make up for being johnnies-come-lately by pursuing policies that promote racial poverty traps and enabling bad behavior in order to create racial tensions that can be exploited to expand fascism.

Holder is nonetheless looking to add to a career that has been extraordinary in terms of both criminality and ideological perversity.  Using the long arm of the law in order to enable voter intimidation, enable voter fraud, enable the taking of this country's resources by illegal aliens, gun-running to make phony cases against our 2nd Amendment, undermining acts of the People via Congress, promotion of transsexuality, intimidation of the free press, et cetera, et cetera... all this has not been enough.  He is frightened, frightened that he will not go down in the history books as a radical crusader for liberal causes, so he is using all the privacy-compromising resources (for stopping terrorism?) to make an end-run around double-jeopardy for former Obama-supporter George Zimmerman.

I don't know if Zimmerman is still a fan of our Divider-in-Chief, but knowing that the Holder's Department of Social Justice has been involved in the anti-Zimmerman protests (your tax dollars hard at work) probably dims the glow on the pretend-idealist from Illinois.

And what's the deal with Nancy Grace's Taco Bell and "churra" [sic] comment?   Don't you worry though.  Nancy's a liberal, so her life isn't over after this.  She'll still be driving in to Creepy-ass Cracker Barrel as much as she likes.

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