Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Suggestion to Harry Reid about Taxes

Harry Reid demonstrated the typical "high road" tactics typical of Obama's "new tone in Washington" with his unfounded insinuation that Mitt Romney had cheated on his taxes.   He may well have known of an order by the Obama administration (I won't say "by Obama" since that man apparently has no idea what anyone in his administration is actually doing, that is, when anything bad is being done), so I won't say that Reid's suggestion had no connection to any reality, though any insinuations of wrongdoing by Romney remain unsubstantiated.  He may well have had an inside line from the IRS that there was something in Romney's tax statement which, though not illegal, would aid the Democrats in their all out feces-throwing campaign against capitalism.

Here's my suggestion to Reid:  Since you care so much about disclosure and, like your idol Obama, think that "sunlight is the best disinfectant," back a bill that makes it a requirement for all candidates for Congressional, Presidential, federal court, and Cabinet offices to make the last five years of their taxes a matter of public record.  I personally want to know how the 10 richest Congressmen (most of which are Democrats) made their money.  Do it, Reid.  You apparently have nothing to hide and neither do your fellow Democrats, so let's call a vote and see which Congressmen are willing to back this bill.

I'm very interested to see who does.

By the way, Reid still hasn't denied the rumors that he is a child molester.

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