Friday, March 8, 2013

Out of Ideas

Something happened tonight.  The Koch Brothers forgot to send out that email telling us what to think for the next day, so I am fresh out of corporation worship and bigoted rants.

So I'm left wondering what my left-of-center friends are doing.  Perhaps earlier this evening they talked to their close friends about how hateful and dull conservatives are since they don't realize how awful Bush was and how wonderful Obama is.  Or why Republicans don't seem to realize that Obama should get what he wants from them.  Some of my left-of-center friends may have noticed some of the conservative -oriented posts on my Facebook page (if they are one of the very few that aren't screened from such horrors) over the last few years. Perhaps they are mourning my lost humanity or wondering if they should have paid closer attention to the signs warning that I was losing my common sense and ability to empathize.

I don't know.  I can't tell.  Is there any real sort of dialogue about it?  Back in the 90s I hear conservatives were talking among themselves, delineating conservative philosophy.  The Republican Congress (starting in 1994) that happily coincided with controlled spending and economic growth did not achieve an impact on what the next generation was taught.  (This was left to schoolteachers with an unbiased faith in their unions' right to keep them employed no matter how poor they are at teaching.)

Progressives watched in horror as Clinton capitulated by declaring the "End of Big Government"  and consoled themselves with the fantasy An American President (what could happen if we got liberal President that followed his conscience and stopped capitulating to evil conservatives).  Now this generation of progressives think they have that President, and anyone who doesn't like him does so because they are misled or don't like black people (or both).

Where is the middle ground?  Will my liberal friends ever accept me in my conservatism knowing that I
  • want to enslave them to evil corporations 
  • am trying to bring about a theocracy
  • want the planet to be destroyed (after killing and eating the Lorax)
  • am a less cute version of Alex P. Keaton
  • want millions to die starving in the streets and die for lack of medical treatments
  • wish that Paul Ryan would really roll that old lady off the cliff
  • want innocent Muslims to be tortured
  • get perversely excited ("fact" 3) at the sight of our flag
  • get perversely excited at the thought of trading "blood for oil"
  • want to keep Muslims and Buddhists ("fact" 4) from practicing their religion
  • hate Obama (but not Halle Berry) because of the One-Drop Rule
  • hate immigrants unless they are "white"
  • want to re-enslave black people 
  • enjoy monster truck rallies

???   Will they accept me knowing all that?

That's a lot to ask of them.  Of course, they are good people and will wish me well; they'll just know there is no point in discussing the events of the day since I am incapable of reason.  On political issues.

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