Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama's America: Complete with Flag

After incensing veterans by putting his face on an American flag,  Team Obama has been selling a flag poster that looks like a deconstructed American flag with the Obama logo.

Some have pointed out that the Flag has been co-opted in other campaign logos, but these do not have the same eerie quality.  I think it's partly that it looks like it could function an actual flag, is made to be displayed as a banner, and that it seems fundamentally reinvented.  Given Obama's "living Constitution" ideas of Progressive reformulation of America, it is especially disturbing.  Welcome to Obama's America.

The recent association of the flag with the blood smears at the Libyan embassy is an accident of timing, but it does add an extra eerie element of ill portent to what is already a disconcerting symbol:

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