Thursday, September 6, 2012

Numbers for homosexual rape

Interesting... Page 73 of this European Commission report on violence against women has some interesting statistics:

In various countries, the percentage of reported rapes (of both men and women) that committed against males are:
9% in Denmark
6% in Germany
16% in Hungary
26% in Ireland
16% in Turkey
12% in the United Kingdom
9% in Spain
16% in Portugal
34% in Slovakia

Now, if you think females underreport rape, consider the likelihood of a given male admitting that his manhood, as he probably sees it, was taken from him.  Men that don't like admitting to being bested or bullied in anyway, as it makes them feel like they are seen as not being men--how many men overcome the shame of being used sexually by other men for the possibly vain hope of some justice?

Consider this thought as well:  The Dutch and the Finnish seem to have no widespread problem with male-on-male rape. They've largely escaped the Or considering the numbers across the rest of Europe, perhaps these cultural variations are better explained by who is not reporting rather than who is not getting raped.

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