Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obama's conspicuous lack of details

An article here has parroted Obama's weak (more in substance than in enthusiasm) claim about "Romney's conspicuous lack of details."

Contrast this with Romney's pointed criticism that Obama's uni-partisan construction of his ridiculously complicated Affordable Care Act was rammed through without any sense of consensus.    Romney declares that the Massachusetts state care system was formed by having several options put on the table and a bipartisan effort to choose a combination of options that would be acceptable to a vast majority. 

By contrast, Obama wants Romney to declare in advance exactly what would be in a less reckless affordable care alternative.  

Now exactly what in that 1,000+ page law did Obama promise in the sort of detail he's demanding from Romney?  Obama was extremely vague on content with Affordable Care, but very specific on process.

Whatever Affordable Care would turn out to be, it wasn't going to be a unilateral, partisan effort behind closed doors with lobbyists.  It was going to be a national, public discussion involving actual doctors and nurses and patients sitting around a table, televised on CSPAN, and the act posted many days before being signed into law so that--get this--there would be transparency with the American public.  

It's hard to imagine the process being more different from what the Demander-in-Chief actually brought about.  You don't end up with a 1,000+ page law without it being co-written by lobbyists for special interest groups (such as pharmaceutical companies).  We ended up with an opaque labyrinthine law constructed and implemented in an opaque process (ref Pelosi's we'll pass the law so you can find out what's in it).  

So, it's hypocritical and cynical for Barack Obama to criticize Romney for not ruling out many options in advance.  Romney has outlined some guidelines, many of them negative based on the public negation that resulted in a Republican House in 2010 (and a Republican Congressman from the liberal state of Massachusetts), and some positive ones that are the few boons that Obama touted about his 'Care.  

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