Friday, May 23, 2014

Ben Shapiro on Losing the Debate

We all remember Ben Shapiro as the man that exposed the true nature of Piers Morgan's tactics on national tv.  Many of us might also remember him as the man who, wearing his Harvard baseball cap, interviewed many of the Tinseltown elite on how their political values have influenced the movies and television.

When he says something about winning the debate, I have to admit I'm interested.  He's released a book to Kindle called How To Debate Leftists and Destroy Them.  To let us know what he means by "destroy," he's allowed Amazon to display the following excerpt on how the masters of propaganda destroyed Romney, in terms of what the impressions of the average joe who distills his political knowledge from sound bites:



Now, remember, while Michael Moore's political ad with seniors doing their 2-Minute Hate on Romney was one of the most egregious examples, it fits in perfectly with the overall campaign.  Even I had no idea just how likable Romney could be until the Convention.  Just like nothing before 2009 prepared me for just how unlikable Obama's personality actually was.  But I don't know that I agree that Romney's defeat was so "garishly simple."  The rampant vote cheating, the selfish ambition of a rogue NJ governor, the media's deliberate and complicit use of a tragedy to change the subject from the economy,  a moderator's complicity in an obviously staged reaction to the Benghazi question, the media's desperate ploy of using made-up job rebound figures, the high numbers of unmarried women (married women preferred Romney according to CNN), the enormous numbers of otherwise right-leaning people who voted for Obama simply because they thought he might give them more money, etc. all played their part. (Incidentally, some might not know that Matt Drudge may have had a hand in Obama's 2008 win.)

But I still think Shapiro's onto something.  Most people don't have time for any more serious thought beyond their impressions, and have very little idea who or what is helping to craft their impressions. The Democratic Party controlled Congress for two years before the 2008 election, years which saw a violent upswing in spending that made the Iraq War years look thrifty, and this is what mainstream America thought:

It's worth waiting until the end to hear where these typical Americans get their information and how they stay informed. 
If Fox News simply pretended that the other news 
outlets weren't actively campaigning for progressivism, 
there would be no need for Michael Moore to make 
ads where senior citizens curse at Obama's rival.  
Oh wait! This is talking about the ad before Obama 
changed "the tone in Washington." 

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