Monday, March 3, 2014

"A Place For Mom" promotes "Heaven" as placement for Mom

A short observation by Wesley J. Smith from National Review:
The assisted living placement service, A Place for Mom, prominently promoted assisted suicide for mom (and dad) in its blog a few days ago. I took suitable umbrage here and here.

The National Right to Life Committee also criticized the business that wants us to entrust our loved elders to them for finding senior services, but thought it wise to promote suicide for the elderly and assisted suicide’s top promoters, Hemlock Society Compassion and Choices.

It was a stupid business decision for an organization so deeply involved with the elderly to post in favor of assisted suicide. And now, a day late and a dollar short, A Place for Mom’s boost for elder suicide has gone into the cyber ether.

Erased. Disappeared. Gone. But it will not be forgotten. 
Assisted suicide is one of those issues for which I feel a little conflicted. The libertarian side of me thinks it's nobody's business if a person wants to end their life. It is their ultimate liberty.

Of course, people that have had a family member attempt or commit suicide might feel differently. Conservatism is built on parents' empowerment a community's empowerment to Leftists prefer it be the arm of social scientists who, unlike our community, have our best interests at heart. This is why the Left typically fight so hard to make educational boards force choices on parents, and for doctors to do so. Now the rest home is getting in on the action. Just think how good it will be for society when a rest home can get reimbursed by Affordable Care for administering some "compassion and choices."  Even some unruly inmates (I mean, "customers") might become more manageable with the proper paperwork.  Why, now there are more resources for everybody, and everybody wins! Another problem solved by the Independent Payment Advisory Board!   As eminent super-liberal Paul Krugman noted, Affordable Care doesn't force any "death panel" right now, just allows them eventually.  Those rotten conservatives wanted you to think that life-or-death rationing by all-powerful boards would be an immediate consequence of Obamacare!

(I know of one person directly affected by the local version of the IPAB already, and it does little good for a doctor to prescribe necessary for a special needs child when the state elects to not have it covered. The local state has created a situation in which a person's life depends on the daily provision of unaffordable care, and then refuses to pay for more and more of it. These are the sort of provisions that Jerry Brown and his ilk hold hostage when we refuse to let our taxes get raised.)

I feel indebted to Wesley J. Smith for leading the charge against the postmodern absurdists on the Left that want to indoctrinate our children into thinking that humans are nothing special on this earth. Unless you've read A Rat Is A Pig Is A Dog Is A Boy, you might have no idea just how nutty it's really gotten in America.  The collectivism shared by Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini depend on at least some people being no better than livestock, just competition for resources that don't belong to individuals but to the People (mystically embodied by the State).

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