Thursday, February 27, 2014

The "Dianny" View on Obama's Reign of Victimhood

T-shirt maker and political commentator Diann Russell has a sharp sense of humor:

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I love this little bio blurb about Diann (especially about her pets):
Diann Russell holds an MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Her daily web column DIANNY RANTS appears at All the Right Snark. She lives in Syracuse, New York with her pitbull Mary of Bethany, her two cats (don't mock) Buffy and Willow, and her Mossberg 12g.
Diann has this great article on how victim politics for Obama is not simply a bit of leftist manipulation that he's particularly good at; it's fundamental to his (post-election) message, his Presidency, his politics, his framing of the issues, his use of people (especially kids) as props, and his long, long association with Reverend Wright, his apologetics for his choices and his handling of criticism, etc.

This man who promised a united America, who made us think that this unity is what he meant by a "radically transformed" America (not that he actually used those words -- he just led you to think that was his plan -- he didn't "promise promise" so you can't hold him to it) knows NOTHING BUT the politics of division, the politics of demonizing and villainizing, and whenever something doesn't pan out, it's because nobody will play fair with him by letting him make up the rules as he goes.  When the Benghazi deal blew up in his face, he acted he could simultaneously take the heat for Susan Rice and be a martyr in her place, like he could make the buck top at his desk and throw Hillary under the bus. He was going to be the young idealist (but a practical idealist!) that was free of the cynical politics we hate, and the drama on Capitol Hill is like watching people turn on each other in "The Island."  Everything good under his watch he personally takes credit for, and everything bad is something that just happened to him, poor thing.

Victimhood seems to be the central bit of Obama's life and personal religion.  He truly is the Victim-in-Chief.

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