Friday, December 20, 2013

A Limousine Liberal Takes On The "3Squares Challenge"

I recently came across this headline on a news website: CEO who lived on $36 of groceries for a week reveals just how hungry it made her.

Turns out there’s something called the “3Squares Challenge” in which people attempt to live solely on the $36 per week provided by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as “food stamps”).  Right off the bat this is pretty ridiculous- I guess none of the liberals who started this “challenge” know what the word “supplemental” means.  That’s weird, they’re constantly telling us how much more intelligent and educated they are.

OK, feed yourself for $5.14 a day.  Got it.  As a conservative my first thought would “okay, so no caviar, Grey Poupon, or imported truffles for me!”  But apparently that’s not how Melinda Moulton, the woman who “courageously stepped up to the challenge” thought.

Here’s what she bought:

So, based on what I’m seeing, she went to the same upscale “ritzier than Whole Foods” store that she always shops at and bought the same vegan/organic/mother earth crap she always buys.  And then was shocked when “this was all $36 would buy.”  Which wasn't even true. Thankfully the DailyMail, unlike most American media, did some actual digging and found out she also bought Green Tea (which I’m guessing wasn't Lipton) and the same trendy upscale vitamins she always buys.  Eh, it's hardly news that liberals lie.

So why didn't she do what everyone who’s been a poor student does and buy a $5 case of Ramen?  She comes right out and tells us: “I didn't want to change or compromise who I am or what I eat.”  Oh, so you wanted to “rise to the challenge” but you weren't willing to stop being a rich, spoiled, limousine liberal.

My goodness, that is important news!  It’s been discovered that you can’t live like a pampered hippie on $36 a week!  How heartlessly cruel this all is!

Ms. Moulton went on to say “I was sad and then angry that people in this country are hungry - millions of people - I cried a lot.”  Oh, you cried a lot. Well, how noble of you!  But I can’t help but wonder how many square feet her house has, what kind of car is in the garage, and to how many premium cable TV channels she subscribes.  She came right out and admitted that she normally spends $15 per day on lunch.  She's angry, but not angry enough to eat a $3 Lean Cuisine lunch and give the other $12 to some deserving underprivileged person. Because that’s when I’ll take this woman’s histrionics seriously- when she lives in a 300 square foot rented apartment in a bad part of town, owns no car and shops at Goodwill because she’s donated 98% of her CEO salary to charity.

Her own website provides a suitable retort to this:  They donate 10% of all profits to charity! See, she’s putting her money where her mouth is!  Of course that is only one-third of the 30% that “greedy” Mitt Romney donates to charity.  But hey, in the mind of a limousine liberal the tears she squirted out and the week she spent “hungry” to “call awareness to the problem” more than makes up for it.

Don't get me wrong, I sure wouldn't want to live on what welfare programs (including SNAP) provide.  I completely agree with Ms. Moulton that the poor could use more spending money. It's just that I disagree with her unstated assessment that the government should be handing out more free money (redistributing more wealth).  No, I'll have to go along with Ronald Reagan who famously said "the best social program is a job."  Considering how Ms. Moulton supports Barack Obama, the job-killer-in-chief, she clearly doesn't believe in providing jobs to those who so desperately need them.

One last bit of irony:  Judging by her food choices, Ms. Moulton is a vegan.  No doubt because she objects to “cruelty to animals.”  But she also serves on the board of Planned Parenthood.  So… all life is precious, unless it’s a black baby in which case we need to kill it as soon as possible.

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