Sunday, May 12, 2013

Liberal-Thinking Denmark

Denmark is making dirty movies into art
Lars von Trier is releasing his dirty movie Nymphomaniac in Danish theaters featuring real live sex scenes.
Also in the full cast shot is Shia [LaBeouf]'s new real life love interest Mia Goth, who sits perched on the couch wearing a gold crop top and bright green skater skirt. Shia and Mia met on the set of the controversial movie, in which they engage in real sex on camera. The film will get its first release in liberal-thinking Denmark this month. . . . In an interview with MTV News, Shia implied he would be taking part in the graphic sex scenes - and would be willing to go as far as the Melancholia director asks him to. [Dailymail]

Maybe Shia went to a university like the one where the teacher allowed a female orgasm to be demonstrated live for the class.  He's really challenging his career.  And what a great role model for our kids.

Well, I guess this shows that Denmark is getting as nuts as Sweden.  With California following close behind.

I wonder what Kierkegaard would think of his homeland now.  Maybe he wouldn't be surprised.

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