Thursday, November 8, 2012

Such A Narrow Defeat In So Many States

More than the vast swath of voter fraud involving illegal immigrants and dead voters, more than the fickle people who let a picture of Obama stamping around a hurricane aftermath in the photo-op of the century trump his actual record, more than Obama's cynical departure from his obviously insincere rhetoric of a post-partisan unifying of America, another factor explains the victory of the now out-of-the-closet ultra-progressive Obama: the horrible truth that even with a majority of Americans believing that Romney was better able to deal with the economy, too many of them thought Obama would be of more immediate benefit to them.

Ultimately, what won the day was "Screw the country; I - Will - Do - For - Me."

While it is being widely marketed by a certain crowd that evil corporations are taking advantage of the public's self-interest, this administration has set itself up as the ultimate Sugar Daddy of the country.  All you have to do is forget what the Constitution was based on, forget what it means for parents to determine the values of their children, forget what it means for a community to make laws that support the preservation of its values.  Just inhale the carbon monoxide and go gently to sleep.  Don't struggle.  It's so much easier if you don't struggle.

I'm reminded of a now little-known story of a superficial man who sold his birthright for a bowl of stew.

He was famished, you see.

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