Friday, August 10, 2012

Obama outlaws the lottery!

No, Obama didn't outlaw any lotteries.  But he should, if he's a man of principle. 
Is a lottery fair? In the Obama sense, unlike business ventures, you truly didn't win through either merit or intelligence (unless somehow you cheated), but now you have all this money that the others players don't.   Seems like the most fair thing would be to distribute the money among all those who contributed.  Wouldn't that be the most fair?  

Are people playing primarily for the fun of it, or are they risking some money in order to have a greater income than that of their fellows?  That sounds unfair to me.  As Obama would say, "you didn't build that." All you can say is that you put your money into it.  Like a shareholder.  

When you think about it, it would be a lot more fair to take 90% of the winner's money and use it to help all the other desperate players who were hoping for a better life.  Of course, the money would be going back to the people that bought the tickets.  Though, wouldn't it have been better if they would've just held onto the money in that case?  

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